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Local Connection to NFL Players
Rene Cloukey | August 19, 2014

aaronmarstonweb from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.


Aaron Marston of Presque Isle watches NFL preseason games a little differently then you and I. Marston who runs Next level Training in Presque isle moved back to the County a year ago. Marston spent several years in Florida as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength Conditioning Specialist has helped condition several NFL players and he said when he watches a preseason game he is watching for his clients.

Marston: ” I watch it in a different way then I used to watch football. I grew up cheering for certain teams. There is so much turnover in the NFL and players jumping from team to teams so I find myself watching games and looking for players that I worked with and kind of seeing how they are doing individually.”

Rashard Jennings who could be the first string back for the NY Giants worked with Marston when they both were in Florida

Marston:” Players like Rashard who were just breaking into the Jaguars organization and them from there went to Oakland. You really see a player like that who really takes care of their body and takes their training seriously in the off season. To have success now is very rewarding.”

Marston says that he worked with several players in the off season working on several key factors

Marston:” we are trying to simulate the things he is going to do on the field. Prepare his body for the demands that are going to be placed on him once he gets out on the field. A lot of short space agility change of direction, work on top end sprint speed. We want to maximize his performance and we want to make sure he stays injury free as we transition into the competitive year. How they take care of their body what they do in the off season what they do for recovery will play a big role in how long they play at that level.